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Who is Stirling Dynamics

Stirling Dynamics is a specialist engineering consultancy company. We provide consultancy services to many industry sectors worldwide but in addition to that, we also produce an array of products, mainly simulator inceptors (active control devices) for the simulator market.

Introducing our products

What makes Stirling Dynamics excellent at creating products is the fact that research and development is part of our DNA, along with quality, which is at the forefront of the design and delivery of all of Stirling’s products.

Introducing our services

The benefits of working with Stirling Dynamics is that you have access to a wealth of world-class knowledge. We offer high-end, technical consultancy and a range of design services for our clients in the aerospace, marine and training & simulation industries.

How we work with new clients

When we work with a new client, we introduce them to our project managers and our engineering leads. It’s then their role to understand the client's requirements and lead them through planning, implementation and close-down.

Active Control Reconfigurable Stick

Reconfigurable Active Pilot Controls

Stirling's active controls can mimic the form and feel of both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, providing simulator integrators with total flexibility. One system providing multiple training options.

Active Controls Electronically Linked

Electronically Linked Active Pilot Controls

Electronically linked functionality means that the pilot’s and co-pilot’s controls replicate each other’s movements to provide constant awareness of all user inputs, without the need for bulky mechanical linkages. One system providing multiple training options.