Discover more about Stirling’s range of services and products via our flyers and datasheets.

Stirling Services

About Stirling Dynamics Flyer (PDF)

From our head office in the UK, Stirling delivers world-leading technologies and engineering capabilities to a global customer base.

Aerospace Technical Services Flyer (PDF)

Stirling has been supplying high calibre, independent and impartial, technical engineering services to the aerospace market for over 30 years.

Stirling Products

Active Controls Flyer (PDF)

Stirling’s family of active controls are feature-rich, highly reconfigurable and suitable for single or dual (linked) cockpit configurations.

Active Controls Datasheet Flyer (PDF)

Stirling’s range of active simulator products includes side sticks, throttles, collectives, cyclics and pedals.

Motion Cueing Systems Flyer (PDF)

Stirling’s motion cueing systems offer some of the most advanced and compact technology on the market today.

Motion Cueing Systems Datasheet Flyer (PDF)

Stirling supports the world’s leading simulator manufacturers in delivering state-of-the-art training platforms for complex and demanding military applications.