Jeff Hoyle

Managing Director

Jeff is an experienced business leader with over 25 years in senior positions within the aerospace industry. In addition to being the Managing Director of Stirling Dynamics, Jeff is also the Executive Vice President of the Global Aerospace, Space and Defence Business at Expleo Group.

Jeff started his career as an electrical engineer working for British Aerospace in the Commercial Aircraft Division before joining Marshalls of Cambridge in 1989, then Ricardo in 1991. Following the acquisition of the Aerospace and Energy sector of Ricardo to create INBIS, Jeff was appointed General Manager of the Airframe Aerospace activities. In 2002 Jeff joined the Board of Directors for INBIS and became the UK Director of Aerospace, Airframe and Systems.

Following the acquisition of INBIS by Assystem in 2005, Jeff has held a number of positions including Transnational Projects Director, Vice President of Wing activities and Global Vice President of Airframe & Systems, having responsibility for Aerospace Operations across the United Kingdom, Southern France, North Germany, Spain, Portugal, India and North America. In 2019, Jeff was appointed UK Managing Director at Expleo Group and in late 2020, Jeff was appointed Executive Vice President of the Global Aerospace, Space and Defence Business.

Jeff lives in Haigh and is married with two daughters, a son and four grandchildren. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys relaxing watching football and has recently taken up walking and cycling.