TSIS 2019


Stirling is pleased to announce that we have commenced work on the supply of active flight controls and an actuated seat system for a fast jet simulator for a new customer in the Middle East.  Stirling has been involved with the customer since the concept phase, advising them through requirements specification and will be integrating the systems at the customer’s facilities during 2018. The advantage to the customer of Stirling’s active control products is the ability to reconfigure the systems through software in order to simulate the characteristics of many different aircraft.

On the technology developed for this customer, Stirling’s Aerospace and Marine Systems Manager, Gareth Vaughan, commented: “We are definitely seeing a trend for our reconfigurable active controls. The ability to mimic the characteristics of a variety of different aircraft is very appealing to our customers who wish to simulate a range of different aircraft and can change characteristics via our software in real time.”

This project is another example of how Stirling is able to work closely with and support our customers throughout the entire project lifecycle.