Motion Cueing Systems

Intelligent, integrated and highly reconfigurable motion cueing seats for combat aircraft, lead-in trainers and helicopter simulators

Motion cueing technology that significantly enhances the simulation training environment

Stirling supports the world’s leading simulator manufacturers in delivering state-of-the-art training platforms for complex and demanding military applications. We provide our clients with intelligent, integrated and highly-reconfigurable dynamic seats and g-seats for combat aircraft, lead-in trainers and helicopter training simulators. Put simply: our motion cueing systems offer some of the most advanced and compact technologies on the market today.

Key features and benefits of Motion Cueing Systems

  • Small space claim

    The system is concealed from the pilot enclosing all the hardware elements within the same external seat envelope and using identical pilot interfaces.

  • Helicopter or fixed wing variants

    Stirling has developed seats for Hawk MK 128, KAI T-50 Golden Eagle and AW159 Wildcat simulators, as well as providing several customers with our generic helicopter and fixed wing seats.

  • Realistic motion for pilot training

    Six degrees of motion can be represented. Motion cues available include sway, surge, heave, roll, shoulder harness tension and lap belt tension.

  • Integration of other pilot systems

    We can integrate pilot systems such as anti-g suits to complete the realistic simulator experience.

  • Open software interfaces

    Our seats offer simple integration with other simulation systems via an Ethernet connection.


How does motion cueing technology work?

Motion cues are provided to the pilot through actuation built into the seats and harnesses. Our control software then ties these cues into the flight simulator, which in-turn replicates the feel of the aircraft in flight.

Electrical actuators work within the seat to provide negative and positive motion cues, thus increasing the pilot’s situational awareness. The seat actuators are commanded directly by Stirling’s real-time control system, which itself interfaces with the host environment receiving aircraft motion data and other commands via an Ethernet connection. The translation of aircraft motion to seat motion is handled entirely by our real-time control system.

We have delivered several seat designs, each addressing the specific needs of individual customers. Design considerations include the host aircraft performance, seat replication and operational requirements of the mission simulations. In cases where customers have found it difficult to define the complete performance requirements for their seats, we have provided guidance on the performance necessary to achieve an extremely realistic and immersive simulation experience.

Typical Motion Cueing Seat Specification

Motion Cues Typical Displacement Typical Velocity Typical Acceleration
Seat Pan Roll ±20mm 100mm/s 0.5g
Seat Pan Heave ±20mm 100mm/s 0.5g
Backpad Sway ±37.5mm 100mm/s 0.5g
Backpad Surge ±17.5mm 100mm/s 0.5g
Lap Harness ±20mm 100mm/s 0.5g
Shoulder Harness ±20mm 100mm/s 0.5g
Seat Vertical Travel (G-seat) 215mm 250mm/s 1.0g
Description Specification
Operating Load 115kg (equivalent pilot mass)
Power Requirements Single or three phase supply, 2-4 kW*
Interface to Host Ethernet (UDP) as standard
Associated Systems
Anti G-Suit System inflation pressure and system response consistent to enable safe and realistic simulation
Sensed functions (seat type dependent) Multiple sensing options can be provided including; go-forward lever, emergency oxygen handle, armed/safe lever, ejection firing handle
Tactile Transducers Providing additional high frequency inputs to the seat system to replicate inputs such as gun-fire and blade passing frequencies
System Monitoring The MCS system includes comprehensive reporting of system commands, operation states and error reporting. Monitoring and diagnosis information is available via messaging including initialisation built-in test (BIT) and continuous BIT

* Depending on seat type

Latest simulators featuring Stirling’s seats

  • stirling-motion-cueing-hawk-mk128-advanced-trainer

    HAWK MK 128 Advanced Trainer (RAF Pilot Training Simulator)

  • stirling-motion-cueing-aw159-wildcat

    AW159 Wildcat Maritime Surveillance (Leonardo)

  • stirling-motion-cueing-t50-golden-eagle

    T-50 Golden Eagle