Boat Modelling and Reverse Engineering

Suppliers of a specialist submarine modelling capability

Stirling provides a world-class submarine performance modelling service in support of new-boat design, control system upgrades and platform-refresh programmes with boat dynamic and acoustic signature analyses. Our flexible approach allows us to build models from hydrodynamic data for the concept and design phases through to the ‘reverse-engineering’ of the dynamic characteristics of existing boats using in-house system identification processes and sea trials data.

Since the early 1990s, Stirling has supported in excess of 10 worldwide navies in the system design and testing of a wide range of submarines from the German Type U214 and other diesel electric boats, through to the UK’s Trafalgar class and the latest generation of nuclear-powered attack submarines, the Astute class. During this period, we have established the capability to support boat systems development, performance assessments and tuning.

We are established in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics methods applied to the prediction of the acoustic signature of boat designs and we have a significant reputation in the use of simulation for hardware in the loop testing of underwater control systems.

Case Studies