Modelling of Surface and Submerged Bodies

From towed bodies to military submarines

We have extensive experience in modelling and analysis of hydrodynamic properties and acoustic signatures for a range of surface and submerged bodies, including submarines, propulsion systems and towed arrays. A capability applicable to both manned and unmanned vehicles.

Coupling our experience of hydrodynamic testing and data analysis with our considerable multidisciplinary experience of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code across a range of industries allows us to provide a world class modelling capability.

Our in-house cluster allows us to investigate computationally-expensive areas such as performance assessment, design optimisations and dynamic fluid-body interaction (mooring, sea-keeping, etc.). This computing capability combined with a proven process to translate CAD information to mesh data allows detailed objects to be analysed in shorter timescales, significantly reducing cost and design time for our clients.

Case Studies